detail of table in the conference room with notepad and pen
Welcome to your conference at the InHotel!

Conference technology

Always included in the conference package:

  • flipchart with one block
  • presentation kit with cards and workshop material
  • screen
  • mobile pinboard
  • blackout technology
  • phone
  • one notepad and pen per guest

Additional conference technology – additional equipment:

In addition to the standard equipment in each conference room, we can provide you with the following additional work equipment for your event (at extra charge):

  • projector
  • laptops (with WiFi)
  • overhead projector
  • DVD player
  • mobile sound system
  • PC speakers
  • wireless microphones
  • lectern
  • additional mobile pinboards
  • additional flipcharts
  • additional presentation kits
  • additional workshop material
  • mobile screen

Please let us know before your event,
we provide everything according to your wishes.

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